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We Get The Sponsors

            The cards generally sell for $10, although how much you sell them for is up to you.
            If you sold 1000 cards for $10 each you would realize an 75% ($7500) profit.
            If you sold them for $15 each your profit would be $13,000 (Although selling the cards for more than               $10 each has proven to be somewhat difficult, and you want your fundraiser to be succsssful.)

              To celebrate our 21 years in this business we are offering a FREE 20% bonus (in cards)                     for every order placed." This means that the profit is significantly increased for your                       fundraiser.

                      Questions? Call us TOLL FREE at 855-403-3047

Number of cards ordered

Total number of cards
including bonus cards

Total profit on all cards sold
for $10 ncluding bonus cards

Profit on all cards sold for $15 including bonus cards

300 cards

500 cards

1000 cards

360 cards

600 cards

1200 cards
$2550 profit

$4500 profit

$9500 profit



You Get The Sponsors

500 card initial order

1000 or more card initial order

1500 or more card initial order

$1.75 per card

$1.50 per card

$1.25 per card

$8.25 per card profit

$8.50 per card profit

$8.75 per card profit


Click here to E-mail us or call us toll free at 1-855-403-3047 for more information. References are available upon request.

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