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PTA / PTO fundraisers where you keep up to 90% of sales

building Why not make from $7 to $9 for every $10 sale you make for your PTA fundraisers? A 300 card minimum order makes this one of the better PTO fundraisers. It's great for smaller groups. PTA and PTO groups, Key Club, sports teams, student council, sororities and fraternities, marching and concert bands are some examples where this fundraiser does well, and your profit is still an excellent (70%), and for larger groups who sell more cards your profit percentage is even higher.

Your Cash Savings Card can be done in a variety of card and ink colors.
Take a look at a
sample fundraising card.

We do NOT charge the sponsors anything to be on the card.

We do NOT charge for standard UPS ground shipping costs.

There are NO hidden charges.

The folks at Cash Savings Card have been successfully helping many school PTA, PTO and other parent / teacher groups meet and exceed their goals for their fundraising projects for well over a decade.

fistfull of money The cards are very easy to sell because the person who uses your school PTA / PTO fundraiser card will save many times the purchase price, just by using it. Everybody wants to save money. A penny saved is a penny earned is an old addage, but still very true.

Here's a few helpful hints on Getting Organized for your school PTA or PTO fundraisers. The more organized you are, the more successful, enjoyable and profitable your elementary, middle or high school PTO PTA fundraising event will be.


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E-mail us at fundraising@cashsavingscard.com or call us at 1-855-403-3047 for more information about your PTO fundraising project. References are available upon request.

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