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Little league fundraisers have always been a part of our community sports programs, and we think it should be as uncomplicated and profitable as possible. Whether you have a Little League team or a whole league this is a great fundraising project. Our 300 card minimum order now lets individual teams be successful selling the Cash Savings Card, and your team still gets a whopping 70% profit. Check out the Your Profit page for further pricing details.

Doing your fundraisers with the Cash Savings Card is easy and very profitable. The cards almost sell themselves because the value of the card is many times the sale price. Everybody likes to save money.

Most folks want to have some definite input in terms of who the sponsors on their little league fundraising card will be. All you have to do is fill out our "Preferred Business List Form" with the businesses you'd like us to contact first, and your organization's logo, if any, and we'll do all the work including procuring the sponsors, doing the necessary artwork, typesetting, camera ready artwork, printing, and send you your cards ready to sell. No upfront money is required for a school baseball team fund raising project. Your profit should be a minimum of 70% and as high as 90% for these little league fundraisers.

We have been helping non-profit groups meet and exceed the goals their fundraisers for over ten years.

This is a great project for baseball players at any age level.

Be sure to visit our "Getting Organized" section for a few tips on making your baseball fundraising project more successful. Even smaller groups can expect to sell a fairly large number of Cash Savings Cards if this fundraiser is done correctly. A great product coupled with determination and good attitude can spell success for this profitable fundraiser year after year.

Here's a few helpful hints on Getting Organized for your baseball fundraiser.

Check out these l.l. baseball sites

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E-mail us at fundraising@cashsavingscard.com or call us at 1-855-403-3047 for more information about your fundraiser project. References are available upon request.

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