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Your fraternity fund raisers will be much more successful if you can offer a product that will benefit everyone on campus. Offering Cash Savings Cards for your fundraising effort to your campus market is an excellent way to help your supporters save money. There aren't too many college students that don't need to conserve their dollars. Your fraternity Cash Savings Card will allow them to save lots of money, and at a very affordable price, and your fraternity will make from $7 to $9 on every $10 sale.

Your Cash Savings Card is the size, shape, and consistancy of a standard credit card. On the front of the Cash Savings Card Card is you're fraternity name and logo and the expiration date. The cards are valid for one (1) year of continuous use by the card bearer.
On the back of your fraternity fundraisers card are twelve (12) to fifteen (15) of your campus area merchants who are the sponsors for the card, each giving an offer or discount for the one year period that the card is valid. Take a look at a
Sample Card.

Your group's Cash Savings Card can be done in a variety of card and ink colors.
We will procure the sponsors for your Cash Savings fundraisers Card, (usually working from a list of your suggestions), or you can recruit the businesses and make even more profit. We do all of the necessary camera ready artwork, print the cards and ship them to you. We do NOT charge the sponsors. Lead time is about a month, sometimes less. If you get the businesses the turnaround is usually about 48 hours.

The folks at Cash Savings Card have been sucessfully helping college groups with their fundraising projects for over 12 years. Many campus organizations have enjoyed easy sales and large profits by using the cards for their fundraising efforts.

fundraising cash Your fundraising cards are very easy to sell because the user of your card will save many times the purchase price, just by using it. Everybody wants to save money. A penny saved is a penny earned is an old addage, but certainly still true for college students.

Here's a few helpful hints on
Getting Organized for your fraternity fund raisers. The more organized you are, the more profitable your fundraiser will be.

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E-mail us at fundraising@cashsavingscard.com or call us at 1-855-403-3047 for more information on your fraternity fundraiser. References are available upon request.

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