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Fundraisers have always been a necessity for any non profit group. The folks at Cash Savings Card want to make your church, sports or school fundraiser as easy and profitable as possible.

A Cash Savings Card is the size, shape, and consistancy of a standard credit card. On the front of the fund raiser card is your organization's name and logo and the expiration date. The cards are valid for one (1) year of continuous use by the bearer.

On the back of the card are twelve (12) to fifteen (15) of your local merchants who are the sponsors for the card, each giving some kind of offer or discount usable on a continuous basis for the one year period. Take a look at a
sample fund raising card.

Your school or church Cash Savings Discount Cards are all done in full color.

We will procure the sponsors for your group's Cash Savings Card, (usually working from a list of your suggestions), do all of the necessary camera ready artwork, print the cards and ship them to you. We do NOT charge the businesses and we pay the shipping cost using FED-EX ground. Also you can procure the businesses yourself and make even more money. There are no hidden or extra charges.

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Cash Savings Card has been sucessfully helping school, church and other non-profit groups with their fund raisers for over 21 years. School band, choir, sports teams, church groups, little league teams, PTA and PTO groups, soccer teams, community groups, middle school fundraisers and elementary school fundraisers, and many more have enjoyed easy sales and large profits by successfully using Cash Savings Discount Cards for their fundraising projects.

Cash Savings Cards are easy to sell because your customers will save many times the purchase price, just by using the card. Everybody wants to save money.

Fist holding money from fund raisers

Here's a few helpful hints on Getting Organized for your fundraising project. The more organized you are, the more profitable your fundraisers will be.

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